~Primitive Cloth Covered Box Set - Red ~

This petite set of boxes was covered in
red and khaki reproduction fabrics...they were painted
inside for a finished appearance...
Total stacking height is 8 inches tall

This little box set is the perfect cupboard size...
easily tucked into those little spaces...They
have been sanded and heavily stained to look aged and worn
like an attic find.


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~ Cloth Doll - Ellie ~

Her body was made from painted osnaburg and 
was heavily sanded and stained for an old & worn appearance...
she has a primitively stitched face.
She may have a body mend or two and was partially stuffed
with rags for a weighty feel... she measures
23 inches long.

Her dress was made from reproduction fabric
and her bloomers were made from grungy muslin...
She wears a sweet little key necklace.

She was made to be perfectly imperfect!

** SOLD **

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~ Primitive Wood Signs ~

Spring is just around the corner and these cheerful
signs will brighten your living space and your mood!
Please specify:

DAIRY FARM- gray/black
9" x 12 inches long ... $22 + shipping


GARDEN SIGN - clover/cream
6" x 10.5 inches tall ... $22 + shipping

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